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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Disney Music Blog Party - Pocahontas

I'm really sorry about how slow everything has been going with the Disney Music Blog Party. I promise you, things around here are going to go a lot faster when the afternoon of June 22nd (if that's a Friday) comes around - FREEDOM FROM SCHOOL!

So five people have voted on the polls...and Pocohantas is the movie chosen for voting on soundtracks. So I hope that five people will vote on the poll on the sidebar for their favourite Pocohontas song(s), also. :)

Steady As A Beating Drum

Just Around the Riverbend

Listen With Your Heart

Mine, Mine, Mine

Colours of the Wind


If I Never Knew You

Let the voting begin!!!


  1. Hard choice - I've listened to these songs so many times!

    Don't worry about the slowness, and hang in there until the end of school!

  2. haha yeah...That's why I usually pick 3. ;)

    Thanks! :) The end is so close I can almost taste it! :P

  3. Interesting themes. We were at a party recently where the theme was reptiles and snakes and the music had to reflect it. There was even a snake man present with live animals. It was a wild night!


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