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Monday, April 16, 2012

The surprise "resurrection" of a "dead" baby girl


Argentina: The surprise "resurrection" of a "dead" baby girl

A premature newborn baby who doctors had given up for dead ended up in a refrigerator room, where her mother found her alive – a miracle of God, she said

Mauro Pianta

 Analia Bouter with her husband

She was dead, but only for twelve hours. A prematurely born baby spent twelve interminable hours in a morgue refrigerator after doctors declared her dead. The baby’s mother, Analia Bouter, insisted on seeing her daughter’s body which was transported to the morgue immediately after the child’s birth. Intuition or pure chance? What is certain is that the young mother’s stubbornness made it possible for hospital staff to save the little girl, who contrary to what doctors has said, was far from dead. “That night - Mrs. Bouter told the press – my husband and I went to the morgue, to where the little coffin was. A man lifted the cover and suddenly I heard a cry. She was covered up and immersed in something that resembled frost.”

This shocking event took place a few days ago in Argentina, in the city of Resistencia, a thousand kilometres north-east of Buenos Aires. 

The director of Perrando de Resistencia hospital tried to offer an explanation for what had happened: “Hypothermia may have caused the newborn's vital signs to slow to an undetectable rate.” The local governorate launched an inquiry assuring that “those responsible will have to come up with answers for the mistaken diagnosis.” 

The parents of the healthy baby girl wanted to baptise her Luciana Abigail, but changed their minds and decided to call her Luz Milagros (Light Miracle). “I have no doubt whatsoever that this was a miracle of God, a miracle of resurrection,” the mother said.

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