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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Planning for FOTN writing update. :)

My planning has gone very well so far, I believe. A few things from my planning:

I hate doing this, but I think all the young people in my story will turn out being paired. For the benefit of those, who have read what I posted on the blog that used to be my writing (and is now in cyberspace junk) and have kept up with updates (such as the new character of Rhona), my pairs are:

From the beginning (with some changes to how their relationship works out):
- Marianne and Joseph (friends at the beginning and slowly turn to something more)
- Miranda and Sam ("attracted" from the beginning, realize that it wasn't real, but they actually turn out together in the end)
- Edward (Ed) and Elianna (attracted from the beginning, but break up)

- Ed and Rhona (I'm thinking something like a Taran-Eilonwy relationship...for those of you, who know Prydain Chronicles)
- Elianna and Talis (I don't know if I'll keep this one or not)

This song is for Edward (about Rhona):

And this one is something that happens to Sam:

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