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Friday, April 27, 2012

New tech users

25 April 2012 

Latin American indigenous groups join forces to fight dams

By Joao Fellet
BBC Brasil, Brazil-Peru border

 Indigenous communities are increasingly coming together to plan strategies

When Brazilian indigenous leader Tashka Yawanawa saw the news on television that communities from Peru were campaigning to prevent the construction of dams close to their land, he had no doubt about how he could help.

He turned on his computer, and using Skype, he contacted indigenous movements involved in the protest to offer both his support and to publicise the cause in Brazil.

"Today, indigenous groups can no longer escape the white man's technology," says Mr Yawanawa.

"We have to update ourselves, and prepare to face this new world."

He belongs to the Yawanawa people, who live in the Brazilian Amazon, an area where indigenous communities have also fought many battles against hydroelectric dams. (...)

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