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Friday, March 2, 2012

Writing and What's Up With Me

“But I’m not the one, am I?” Edward said, forcing a laugh. “It’s pretty much impossible that I could be!” He felt a little light-headed at the prospect that he might really be the one, and he quickly sank into the soft red leather chair that Father Lacombe nodded to. The priest seated himself into a matching chair right opposite from the young man.

“But you are,” the priest said in a low voice.

Edward just stared at Father Lacombe in disbelief. He finally found his voice and gasped, “But it can’t be!”

“It’s only too true.”

Father Lacombe handed Edward an old parchment. On it was written,

He may be but a player on the stage
And though he is surrounded
He is really alone
Not like other children
One day he will come to his lost peoples,
Save them from great dangers
And rule over them for evermore

Edward’s mouth opened unconsciously. The beginning was so like his life that it was almost spooky.

“So…uhhh…these lost peoples? Who are they?” Edward stammered, helplessly. “And how am I supposed to save anyone from great dangers? I can’t do anything like that… And I’m supposed to be a king or something?”

Father Lacombe leaned forward and put his hands on Edward’s. “You will find a way with God, my son,” he said kindly. “And I will help you, too.”

Yes, Edward is my character for Aragorn in my story. Yes, the whole story is going to be LOTR cliches...but who cares? It is still dear to my heart.

I just got some ideas for my story today as I was drying the dishes. It was just like - BOOM! and suddenly I was grinning like a little kid with my wonderful new ideas. No, this part isn't a new idea. I just wanted to share it all with you. Any thoughts? Do you think my poem is too lame? Even if I was any good at poetry, it would still be miles away from Tolkien's poetry.

So...what's up with me? The ceiling? Yes, yes, I know the other way. I make lame jokes as well as I write lame poetry. Well, on Friday (last Friday), I organized bowling with some students from my school. What was pretty funny was that while the bowling organized by a teacher from my school (that I went to, by the way) got 8 people in all (including me), I got 17 people in all (including Mia and I). One of these people was a guy that I had no idea was coming. He heard about the bowling on Facebook or something... Not from me, obviously, as I don't have Facebook.

I am working on another cover for you all at the moment. Actually, I'm already done the cover...I'm just mixing my voice with an instrumental I found on YouTube and trying to decide whether it sounds dumb enough that I might as well post it without any background music. *sigh* I really do need to learn how to play a musical instrument. Not that I'd probably be able to compose music or write good lyrics, anyway...

Sorry, I didn't mean to complain there. Just statin' the facts.

OH! How could I ever forget to show you all my second and last guest post on Austenitis. Check it out and please do tell me what you think!

- Alyianna

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