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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Mummy!

I'm sorry that this is a day late. But I wanted to post this later in the evening, and then I didn't have a chance to click the "Publish" button. But I hope you enjoy this post, Mummy!

Though Mia is a much better poet
And she can easily show it
And it isn't my
Skill; I thought I would try
To write you a birthday poem

Happy birthday, dear Mummy!
The most obvious next rhyme is that your cooking is very yummy
I love you so much
I will never forget the touch
Of your nice, warm hugs

Your favourite colour is red
And it's been said
That red is for roses
Or was there a Red Sea in the story of Moses?
But here are some hugs and kisses: XOXOXOX

Thank you for everything you have done for me!

I tried to do several covers for songs you like, but this is the only one that turned out somewhat well. I hope you like it (and all my followers, please tell me what you think of it). I decided not to do very many pauses in the song since I was singing it without listening to the song on my iPod (all the covers I have done that way sounded dumb). And, yes, I know the ending was supposed to be "Grey ships pass into the West" instead of "All souls pass into the West."

And again...



  1. Happy Birthday, Alyianna's mom! ;)

    I listened to the cover of "Into the West"...first, I absolutely adore that song. <3 So beautiful...and sad. And your cover is great! You've got a really sweet voice. :) Nice job!

    Also, thanks for the offer to read The Sandcastle's Way. I'm not ready for beta readers/critique partners yet, but I'll be sure to post on my blog when I am!

  2. :D tell your mom I said Happy Birthday! :D or late Birthday I should say :P
    Also, really nice singing! :D with some lessons, I think you could for sure become a great singer :)

  3. :O Wow thanks...I thought my cover sucked. XD It just shows how high confidence I have in my singing...

  4. You're very welcome! <#

  5. Wow, you have a gorgeous voice! Loved your cover! I wish I could hear you in real life!

  6. :D Thanks Arda! I'm looking forward know what. ;)


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