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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Going Crazy With Music on Saturday Morning

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure if I've ever posted a Tiffany Alvord music video here or not. However, Tiffany's newest music video came out today and I wanted to share it with you all. While I don't care for Tiffany's voice too much, she can sing well (with good emotion) and I want to support Tiffany in any way I can because someday I would like to be in her place...and I know that I will want support then.

So please click on the link and watch the video...and perhaps give it a "like"...and perhaps even favourite it! Every little thing helps. You can even support Tiffany's independent music by buying her songs on Itunes.

"Possibility" music video - I love her room...and just the whole music video ;)
Tiffany's album - I'm thinking of buying #6 - #9
Tiffany's website

Your busy blogger,

P.S. I might as well make this a whole support YouTube artists post, so....

My favourite YouTube artist ( or first, it depends where GA goes on my list :P) would be Julia Sheer...who now has her own band Caroline County. And I love her voice, too...when Caroline County sings "Heaven in the Middle of Nowhere" the two of them (Julia and Matt) singing together sounds SO much like Carrie Underwood, I think.
Julia Sheer - "You Will Never Be"
Julia's cover of "If I Die Young" by the Band Perry
Caroline County - "Heaven in the Middle of Nowhere"
Caroline County's website

My second favourite YouTube artists would be Megan and Liz. However, I think their music is starting to slide as they are going to the more pop side of music...especially their covers (pop style AND popular). Here are my favourite songs in descending order (favourite first, etc.)

Megan and Liz - "Are You Happy Now" (as best as these sisters go, in my opinion)
Megan and Liz - "Rest of You" (I love this song, but I don't like the music video - did they HAVE to do this music video at a lake/beach?!?)
Megan and Liz - "Here I Go"
Megan and Liz - "Maybe Possibly"
Megan and Liz - "A Girl's Life" (this song might be up higher but for the Twilight reference *screams*)
Megan and Liz - "Old School Love"
Website                Itunes

I also like some music of Payton Rae's. I can just imagine her music on the country station several years from now (as I do with Caroline County).
Payton Rae - "Dare to Live"
Payton Rae - "Sidelines"

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